>Ken wrote:
>> If that doesn't work then please post the output from -snoop.
>Look out:
>    (Beware that the SMTP transaction may contain authentication
>    information either in plaintext or easily decoded base64.)
>        ― send(1).

Oh, um, yes.  I forgot to mention that; thanks!  If you are running
1.7 or newer, -snoop will automatically decode the base64 for you if
it can, so your username and/or password will be easily visible.  Which
makes debugging easier and it more obvious where your password is.  I
guess what I'm trying to say is, "look at the output carefully before
you send it to a public mailing list".  Although I THINK if you get to
the point where the password is sent, it is probably working and you won't
need to send it.



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