kre wrote:

> Actually, subtle it is not - it is quite blatant, and is explicit in the
> post man page.

It has subtle effects.  This went undetected in the mh-profile(5) man page
until late 2011:

I (quickly) counted that this (post doesn't read the profile) has come up
on nmh-workers twice a year, on average, since 2011.

> If we are to add warnings, why stop at post?   Why not warn about other
> entries in the profile that aren't used?

Because we're not sliding down that slope.  This is a specific issue
that can be easily addressed.

> I have an entry for "post" in my profile (have done for a long time).
> I don't expect it to be used, but it allows me to do
>       mhparam post
> to see what default options get used (the actual entries are also in
> the profile entry for send).

I prefer to view the actual entries.  And not have to keep two sets
in sync.

> of making the profile parser bigger and even messier
> (and also forcing a full read every time, which one day might
> be good to avoid - just reading enoughto get the entry needed)

I cannot imagine that profile parser size is a real concern, or that
the difference between a full and partial read is measurable on
modern platforms.



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