On Fri, 12 Jul 2019 at 15:16, Stefano Luciano Ciurli
<stefano.ciu...@unibo.it> wrote:
> Hi Edward,
> I hope I am sending the message to the correct address now.
> I think I have solved the issue that was causing the mentioned problem with 
> the apparently incomplete set up by doing what you indicated.
> Now the calculation has gone for about 5 min with the following result:
> ==================================================================
> = Completion of the d'Auvergne protocol model-free auto-analysis =
> ==================================================================
> Elapsed time:  5 minutes and 54.350 seconds
> Exception raised in thread.
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "gui/analyses/execute.pyc", line 87, in run
>   File "gui/analyses/auto_model_free.pyc", line 834, in run_analysis
>   File "auto_analyses/dauvergne_protocol.pyc", line 249, in __init__
>   File "auto_analyses/dauvergne_protocol.pyc", line 610, in execute
>   File "auto_analyses/dauvergne_protocol.pyc", line 855, in model_selection
>   File "prompt/uf_objects.pyc", line 161, in __call__
>   File "pipe_control/model_selection.pyc", line 260, in select
>   File "pipe_control/pipes.pyc", line 68, in bundle
>   File "lib/checks.pyc", line 81, in __call__
> RelaxNoPipeError: RelaxError: The data pipe 'aic - mf (Sun Jul  7 18:21:56 
> 2019)' has not been created yet.
> What should I make of it?

Cheers!  The error message has been seen before:


However I've never had a bug report with enough details to reproduce
the problem to be able to catch it in the test suite.  My guess is
that if you carefully look at the log messages (hopefully you ran it
with the log output to file), you'll see a series of RelaxWarning
messages earlier which explain the problem in detail.  I would also
guess that no models have been select for one or more spin systems.



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