The Google "Manifestbro" sexism controversy

I can't even begin to explain how incredibly depressing this whole
Google Manifestbro sexist ex-Googler story is, especially at this
point in my life. 

Google absolutely did the right thing in firing him, and they're going
to take a lot of flak as a result. I wish I hadn't needed to write or
speak about any of this publicly -- I'm getting a lot of blowback from
the right-wing morons myself. 

It's the goddamned 21st century and we're still seeing this same kind
of fake science gobbledygook garbage from racists and sexists, using
the same tired propaganda techniques that were used against blacks and
other minorities in the past. 

I strongly believe that vile racists like Chump and his followers have
made this situation far worse by their attempting to normalize such
abominable attitudes. It's disgusting and sickening beyond measure.
I'm tired of this sh*t. I just don't need this right now. 

I know I should update my posts since the firing, but I feel nauseated
even thinking more about any of it, so this will have to stand for the

Take care.

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