Here's My Own Damned "Google Manifesto"

I feel like vomiting. Since the saga of the leaked, sexist "manifesto"
authored by a (most appropriately fired) ex-Google employee started to
hit the media, I've been feeling increasingly ill.

Not just ill. Also depressed. And angry. The last is the worst. I
don't like to be angry. As the old TV meme says, you wouldn't like me
when I'm angry.

I've been writing about this for days and doing multiple radio
interviews on the topic. Each time, I'm even more angry.

I don't care much about the jerky ex-Googler himself, whom we now know
performed a sexist skit at Harvard for which the administration
formally apologized -- making it clear that his sexist attitudes were
not suddenly formed after he joined Google.

Nor do I care about his educational background -- I've known great
scientists who couldn't punch their way out of a paper bag when it
comes to understanding the real issues of people and social policies.

Hell, he's still young, and perhaps he can still be salvaged.

Or perhaps not, given the example of a vile, 71-year-old sociopath, by
all accounts a sexist and serial woman abuser since his youth, now
splitting his time between playing President of the United States and
playing golf while running up a historic leisure travel bill on the
taxpayers' dime.

So it's not really the immature kid's manifesto alone that is most
sickening -- it's the reactions after it was leaked from Google that
show the depths of depravity that creatures like Donald Trump have

It's therefore not surprising that criminals and other alt-right,
racist superstars of the worst sort have rushed to the defense of the
fired Googler, and are proclaiming boycotts against Google.

Good luck with that, guys.

In fact, the racist, sexist, antisemitic Nazis and Nazi-wannabees --
or in other words, a large percentage of Trump's support base -- have
been increasingly pissed off at Google, Google's YouTube, and other
major Silicon Valley firms.

Why? Because observers (including myself) have been urging these firms
to stop treating the lying, fake news, false propaganda spewing sites
as if they were legitimate news or fact sources, and now the large
search and social media firms are beginning to crack down on those
endless spews of violent hate speech and the Russian-directed lie
machines. It particularly irks the hate-complex when they can no
longer monetize their filth or use major suggestion engines to try
sucker in new converts.

In a horrid, ironic way we probably need to thank Trump for the fact
that the dangers represented by the white supremacists and their
assorted bands of cronies have finally became too obvious to be
ignored, now that they've gone public after crawling out from under
their rocks.

And I for one don't care in the least how long it took for these major
firms to finally act against them -- the point is that actions are now
being taken, and everyone who cares about keeping the USA great, and
not permitting it to be flushed down the toilet of racist, sexist,
alt-right sickos, should be supporting these ongoing anti-hate

The fired Googler case isn't even a close call. His sexist manifesto
was chocked-full of the same kind of fake science, fake
extrapolations, garbage arguments that you can find virtually word for
word in old essays arguing that blacks are inferior and unsuitable for
technical jobs of any kind.

Disseminating that kind of garbage inside Google, without Google then
taking action to condemn his screed, would have led to a toxic work
environment -- especially for women -- that Google could not ignore.
To NOT have fired him would have been absolutely wrong. He ended his
own ability to effectively work in the team-oriented environment of
Google going forward. He wrote what he wanted to write, but seemingly
didn't understand that one must be responsible for the consequences of
your words on your coworkers.

Of course, the fact that the Nazi crowd has rallied around that author
doesn't mean that the problem is solely in their sphere.

That fact is that Google -- like virtually all tech-oriented firms --
has had diversity problems and has been working diligently to improve
the diversity of their own workplace. That's part of what makes the
now fired Google employee's manifesto so harmful -- it was seemingly
calculated to throw a monkey wrench into Google's efforts in this

And to be utterly clear about this, these diversity issues when it
comes to women in the tech workplace have nothing whatever to do with
"biology" as he claimed -- but have everything to do with men treating
women like dirt, as I've seen throughout my career and noted in: "Meet
the Guys: The Jerks of Computer Science" -

So these problems are not new, but we now face the specter of the
alt-right racists and their ilk -- cheered on by Donald Trump and his
cronies -- trying to turn back the clock to normalize or even expand
conduct that is unacceptable in any civilized 21st century society.

There is no more middle ground. The time for neutral stances regarding
sexism, racism, and associated hate leaders and hate groups has long
since passed.

If you do not take a firm stance against such hate, you are by
definition helping to pave the way for the expansion of its

When firms like Google -- imperfect as are we all -- act to push back
on sexism, racism, and other hate as in this case and more generally
across their ecosystems -- they should be strongly supported in those

In a very real sense, we've reached the point where we each must
decide if we're absolutely and firmly opposed to alt-right and other
hatemongers, or if we're willing to continue tolerating them, and so
in essence tacitly partnering with them. None of us can sit this one

Make your choice.

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