Persistent bias on Wikipedia: methods and responses

        Brian Martin: Systematically biased editing, persistently
        maintained, can occur on Wikipedia while nominally following
        guidelines.  Techniques for biasing an entry include deleting
        positive material, adding negative material, using a one-sided
        selection of sources, and exaggerating the significance of
        particular topics. To maintain bias in an entry in the face of
        resistance, key techniques are reverting edits, selectively
        invoking Wikipedia rules, and overruling resistant editors.
        Options for dealing with sustained biased editing include
        making complaints, mobilising counter-editing and exposing the
        bias.  To illustrate these techniques and responses, the
        rewriting of my own Wikipedia entry serves as a case study. It
        is worthwhile becoming aware of persistent bias and developing
        ways to counter it in order for Wikipedia to move closer to
        its goal of providing accurate and balanced information.

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