> Currently I'm using 2 different documents, one for my personal
> accounts and another for my house accounts.
> If I use only one document for all the accounts, how the spending
> buckets will be treated? Do I have to duplicate buckets for the two
> accounts (Personal Restaurants and House Restaurants) or I can use
> just one (Restaurants) and I can view the bucket for the two
> accounts?


I personally think you'd be saving yourself a lot of extra work and
confusion by having just one document with both your personal and
joint accounts. For starters, you'd have a single transfer transaction
for contributions to the joint account - rather than having to open
another document and recreate the transaction. Also, you'll get the
benefit of being able to see all your money at once.

Since the separate accounts indicate separate purposes, it's not
inappropriate for there to be a bucket for each. How many "duplicates"
are there? If you're looking to consolidate buckets, you might be able
to combine some of the household expenses, or some of the personal
expenses in one bucket. For example, an "Entertainment" and a
"Vacation" bucket could be combined into a "Fun" bucket.

Soon I'll be joining my accounts with those of my fiancee, and I think
MoneyWell perfectly allows the independence many find in personal
accounts. Much like a virtual account, we each will have an NQA bucket
("No Questions Asked") for personal discretionary spending. Whether we
save for big-ticket personal purchases, or blow it on a lot of small
things, is completely up to us individually. We think it will work
because we trust each other to stick to the limits, but we don't have
to justify these purchases to each other. That's the theory, anyways -
we'll see how it holds up in practice.... :)

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