On Jun 2, 9:43 pm, Chuck B <cbregistrat...@me.com> wrote:
> I'm a new user whose spent several hours with the tutorials, help
> files, FAQ, and setting everything up, but I still don't quite seem to
> get it.
> I've made several income buckets because I have several sources of
> income and I'd like to track each in the future as new money comes in.
> At the same time, since I'm starting out and don't yet have new
> deposits to put into my income buckets yet, I have the total amount of
> money of my starting balances in my combined bank accounts that I've
> put into an odd income bucket that I called "Initial Dough" that I
> want now to flow into my expense buckets according to my spending
> plan, which I've created. To do that, I assume that I click on the
> Allocate Income button. But doing that just opens the allocate Income
> dialogue box, which has a button to "Save Allocation," but no button
> to flow the allocation to my expense buckets, as I'd expect. I don't
> get this. Shouldn't I be able to automatically flow the money out of
> my income bucket to all the expense buckets as I indicated in my
> spending plan?

The "Save Allocation" button will create all the Money Flows you have
set up in your Spending Plan. I think you were just tripped up by the

Also, your "Initial Dough" bucket might be unnecessary. There won't be
any transactions tied to your initial Cash Flow amount, so it could
really go into any bucket. The only place it would show up is in the
Money Flows for your buckets. It sounds like you're more concerned
about tracking deposits with the buckets, so maybe you could eliminate
this bucket?

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