I have setup MoneyWell, and am really liking it.

I am trying to get the Reports to work as they seem to be intended to
work, but I can't get the Bucket Summary Report to tell me how much is
in the buckets. It shows me the total amount of the transactions in
each bucket, but doesn't include the Money Flows, so basically all my
buckets are IN THE RED.

One example: I have one bucket for clothing for my son. There are two
transactions totaling $47.09 assigned to the bucket. I allocated $50
to the bucket from my salary bucket and the money flow shows up in the
list in the right-side panel, and the bucket balance shows a green
badge with $2.91.

When I run the Bucket Summary Report with all transactions and all
dates, it shows his bucket at ($47.09) (in the red).

How can I get a report to print out to show me how much is actually in
the bucket and have it match what the bucket badges show in MoneyWell?

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