On Jun 4, 2:40 pm, Druzyne <drew.k...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I am looking for a sum of the allocated amounts still
> > available to spend from all expense buckets. If at the end of a month
> > that amount is negative, I know that I have overspent, and that
> > flowing money between buckets cannot solve the problem.
> That sounds like the "Buckets Balance" figure which is displayed in
> the text at the bottom of the window (at the end). This is the sum of
> all buckets, including income buckets – but if everything is
> allocated, that might work for you...

I thought of that, but it does not account for expenditures that have
been assigned to future months in the Spending Plan. The bucket
balance may be positive because there is unallocated income that is
being accumulated for allocation later, even though I've overspent

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