On Jun 12, 2009, at 12:04 PM, Druzyne wrote:

> So while watching the snazzy video from MacUpdate, they touted
> Paperless and MoneyWell as a tag-team of sorts. I'm very much
> intrigued by the idea of having a digital, searchable, and organized
> library of receipts and important documents (tax returns in
> particular), but I'm curious if anyone has tried using MoneyWell and
> Paperless (or NeatReceipts) together. Do they integrate nicely, or
> essentially remain in silos, and require duplicate effort?
> Also, if I scan receipts, should I still hold onto the originals – for
> warranty issues, etc – or are copies acceptable in most situations?

I got Paperless in a bundle.  I didn't really see the need because I  
already use another app scanning.  How Paperless does make the receipt  
searchable instead of just being an image file.  But then again, I've  
pretty much have all  the info I need already in MoneyWell, so it's  
just duplication of effort.  Beside, with the image attached to the  
MoneyWell transaction, I already can see it an retrieve in the Finder.

My opinion:

MoneyWell is an account app that can contain a copy of the receipt.

Paperless is a document scanning app that has a hint of accounting.

For warranties, original receipts are usually required.  But when it  
actually comes time for warranty work, sometimes they just ask you to  
send them a copy anyway.  To be safe, keep originals only for items  
you really might want for warranties.  Everything else I toss out.

Terry Norton

I started off with nothing...I still have most of it left

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