Terry your post was A Ok.

I got Paperless in the last Mupromo deal as well but after reading
some recent reviews from documentsnap.com and
others regarding the NeatDesk for Mac product and NeatWorks from
Neatco I have to say that Paperless is going to have
to become quite amazing.  I like that NeatWorks integrates with
Addressbook and that it does OCR but even better it allows you
to drag and drop text from an OCR'd image right into the info panel.
Plus it leverages Spotlight to search and you can create smart
and what not.

I think the killer feature could be the way NeatWorks allows you to
export data as a Quicken file or CSV file.  I figure if there's a
fairly easy way to
attribute this data to Monewell's buckets automagically,  it could be
a nice one two punch.

As it stands now I'm probably going to buy a Scansnap and link it to
NeatWorks and hope that I can get some automation between NeatWorks
and a
future version of Moneywell.

Neatco was talking up an improved version that takes advantage of Snow
Leopard at Macworld San Fran this year so by end of summer I expect
they'll have
version 2.5 of NeatWorks with improved performance.

On Jun 12, 10:14 am, Terry Norton <terrynor...@mac.com> wrote:
> Good grief, my spelling and grammar were terrible in that last post.
> Terry Norton
> I started off with nothing...I still have most of it left
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