Hi Jason,

More reports and views are coming, some of which should help you with  
these requests.


Kevin Hoctor
No Thirst Software LLC

On Jun 14, 2009, at 9:35 PM, Jason wrote:

> Hello Kevin,
> I've recently purchased MoneyWell, set up various accounts (checking,
> savings, credit cards, cash, etc...), and uploaded/coded transactions
> from the beginning of 2009.  I've developed my spending plan and, with
> the help of other folks in this forum (thanks Druzyne and Kevin!)
> figured out the nuances about allocating income, timing, and
> priority.  I really like what I see so far.
> I need to be able to output a report that I can share (email or paper
> copy) with my wife so that we can review our spending (for the month)
> versus our budgeted spending plan (by bucket) for each month.  The
> report could be similar to the Bucket Summary Report in format, but it
> would be helpful to have a reference for the budgeted/monthly spending
> plan values for the buckets that we've spent from.
> I know that there are different ways to see/review this information in
> the MoneyWell viewing panes and I find that very helpful to me, as I
> log or manage our family's transactions in MoneyWell.  Reviewing the
> software with my wife isn't always the best or most practical
> approach, so having an output report that can convey the same spending
> to spending plan information would be quite helpful to let her know
> where things stand.
> The availability of both summary and detail transaction reports would
> be even better.  It would be quite helpful to have an option to
> include spending plan amount references in both the Bucket Summary
> Report as well as the Transaction Listing Report.  The option of a
> check box to "Include Planned Amount from Spending Plan" (by bucket)
> in these (or other) reports would be fantastic!  That way, I could
> output a .pdf document with either a summary or detail spent by bucket
> and include the spending plan amount for each bucket.
> I know that you're planning new views for graphs and I hope that some
> new reports also come along with the next version.  I hope this is
> helpful to explain my need and the reason for the request.
> I'm also curious to hear if anybody has a similar need and if others
> have work-arounds to address this reporting / process for sharing
> spent to date vs. budget with a spouse or significant other.  If
> anybody has any good ideas or techniques, please share.
> Thanks in advance Kevin for your support and I really like using
> MoneyWell so far.
> Best regards,
> Jason
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