I am looking to port a project that we have to using node.js.  The current 
project consists mainly of a homegrown, standalone Java app as a threaded 
web server.  The thing is that this app also has to integrate with (call 
out to) a COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) product, via a Java API that they 
provide.  In other words, my Java app calls out to the COTS Java API.

Now, I want to try to re-implement that threaded web server using node.js, 
but I also need the web server app to integrate with that COTS product's 
Java API, so I've been researching how to do this. 

>From what I've seen, there are a number of approaches, but the one that 
seemed most interesting was node-java 
(https://github.com/joeferner/node-java), so I started trying to work with 
that (I know that there's a separate group for node-java, but (a) I think 
my question(s) are more generic and (b) there doesn't seem to be much 
activity on that node-java group, so I am hoping it's ok to ask here).

I had a heck of a time getting node-java to build, but I finally got it 
working (I think) by standing up a new CENTOS 7 instance and building it 
there, under Java JDK 1.7.

Now, I am trying to port some of the Java interface part of my Java code to 
node.js+node-java and having some problems.  

Is it ok to ask about that (those problems) here?

Also, I'm kind of getting the feeling that node-java isn't the way to go, 
because it's not supported, so I am thinking about what other approaches 
that I can use instead of node-java?

I've seen references to nashorn and rhino, but I am not clear what those 
are vis-a-vis node.js?  Are they replacements for node.js in whole?

FYI, the reason for that last question is I am mandated to work with 
node.js, so if they are replacements for node.js, that would be a no-go for 
me now.

Also, I have seen some references that rhino/nashorn use messaging, rather 
than JNI, to provide the Javascript-to-Java bridge.  Is that correct?  The 
reason for this question is that one of my requirements is 
performance-related, and I would be concerned of performance if the 
bridging was via messaging approach.

Sorry for lots of questions :(!!


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