On 2016-09-18 18:27, Tom Hughes wrote:
On 18/09/16 06:39, wrote:

This looks like a very low volume list so I guess if there is no response I should try the main Fedora user list . .

Anyway, I am trying to get this working:

on F25 x86_64

and I am getting a sqlite3 error so I did:

  dnf install nodejs-sqlite3

with no improvement - I did try:

  npm install sqlite3 --build-from-source

but got a whole lot of errors and in any case, I would like to stick to just RPMs if I can . .

If you want help with an error then the first step is to tell the
people you're asking what the error is.

Quite right - I should have done that . .

I suspect that you just haven't linked the modules you need to your
current working directory - node will not search the global modules
for you so you need "npm link sqlite3" to make it available to your

Very good! I had to also install and link the osenv module as well but then the script starting working fine - many thanks!

So is it OK to keep asking Newbie questions here or is this list more about the technical details of getting nodejs and related modules running in the Fedora environment?


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