wohali commented on issue #745: Replication with attachments never completes, 
{mp_parser_died,noproc} error
URL: https://github.com/apache/couchdb/issues/745#issuecomment-351301113
   Hey @nickva I spent time today on getting a repro for this, as it's 
affecting more and more people. Bear with me on the setup, it's a little 
   Set up a VM with the following parameters (I used VMWare Workstation):
   - 20GB HDD, 512 MB RAM (!), 1 CPU
   - Debian 8.latest (or 9, I tested on 8), 64-bit
   - CouchDB master - have it running on `localhost:5984` with `admin:password` 
as the creds, `n=1`, and logging at `debug` level
   - `sudo apt-get install stress python3 python3-virtualenv virtualenv 
   - `mkdir 745 && cd 745 && virtualenv -p python3 venv && source 
   - `pip install RandomWords RandomIO requests docopt schema`
   - `wget 
   Now you're ready to setup the test:
   $ curl -X PUT http://admin:password@localhost:5984/foo
   $ python ./makeit.py 10
   Repeat the above a few times - get the DB to 1GB or larger. You can increase 
10 but at some point you'll run out of RAM, so be careful. This script creates 
sample docs with a few fields and a 50MB attachment full of random bytes.
   Now to run the test:
   * In one window: `tail -f | grep` your couch log for `mp_parser`.
   * In another window, stress the machine's CPU and network: `stress --timeout 
90m --cpu 1 --io 4`. (You can add disk access to this with `-d 8` if desired.
   * In the window running the Python `virtualenv`, start the replication:
   `curl http://admin:password@localhost:5984/_replicate -H "Content-Type: 
application/json" --data '{"create_target: true, "source": "foo", "target": 
   If the above succeeds, `curl -X DELETE 
http://admin:password@localhost:5985/bar` and try to replicate again.
   This produces a failure for me within 10 minutes. The command line returns:
   and the logfile has errors identical to that in the original post above, and 
in #574. 

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