nelsonjr commented on this pull request.

> +@Singleton
+public class SubnetworkLoader extends CacheLoader<URI, Subnetwork> {
+   @Resource
+   protected Logger logger = Logger.NULL;
+   private final Resources resources;
+   @Inject
+   SubnetworkLoader(Resources resources) {
+      this.resources = resources;
+   }
+   @Override
+   public Subnetwork load(URI key) throws ExecutionException {
+      try {
+         return resources.subnetwork(key);

Like networks it requires an API call to gather its details and may drive 
customers over quota/cost. I'm modeling subnetworks just like networks, because 
in practical sense they are.

(I almost made subnetworks deriving from network :-) but the different settings 
deterred me from doing that, and extracting an interface at this point would 
generate a breaking change that it is not worth)

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