nelsonjr commented on this pull request.

     * This must be within the range specified by IPv4Range, and is typically 
the first usable address in that range.
     * If not specified, the default value is the first usable address in 
    @Nullable public abstract String gatewayIPv4();
-   @SerializedNames({ "id", "creationTimestamp", "selfLink", "name", 
"description", "IPv4Range", "gatewayIPv4" })
+   @Nullable public abstract List<URI> subnetworks();
+   public static Network create(String id, Date creationTimestamp, URI 
selfLink, String name, String description, String rangeIPv4,
+                                String gatewayIPv4) {
+      return new AutoValue_Network(id, creationTimestamp, selfLink, name, 
NetworkType.LegacyNetwork, description,
+              rangeIPv4, gatewayIPv4, null);
+   }

I thought this would cause problems if the customer was creating the network in 
their code using this constructor. That's why I moved the automatic to the more 
generic but I kept the original one in place.

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