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> This also removes the Makefile.config from the repository, since it
> shouldn't be kept in the repository and should be created by the
> configure script.

Hi Jamie,

Handling --prefix will be a nice addition to our configure script. So,

Your commit message has that flag word of "also" in it, and as it turns
out, the removal of Makefile.config from the repository has actually
happened already. But that was easy enough to fix.

> +# option parsing
> +for option; do
> +    if [ "${option%=*}" = '--prefix' ] ; then
> +     PREFIX="${option#*=}"
> +    fi
> +done

I've gone ahead and committed that now. Then I noticed that we should
really use ${option%%=*} to support the case of an option value
containing an '=' character. So I fixed that.

Then, since I was in the area, I added support to configure for
capturing CFLAGS from the environment, I fixed this (and also "make
CFLAGS=") to also influence C++ compilation (still can be separately
overridden with CXXFLAGS), and I fixed our quiet-compilation mode to
actually print the (user-specified) CFLAGS.

Finally, I documented things by adding a "configure --help" to document
CC, CFLAGS, and --prefix; and by making "make" tell the user about
"./configure" and "./configure --help" when make runs configure

Our configuration system certainly isn't as full-featured yet as a
standard autoconf-based configure script, but I'm quite happy with how
clean it is for both users and developers.


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