On Fri, 18 Dec 2009 08:59:55 -0400, da...@tethera.net wrote:
> It took me a little work to apply Scott's patch, so rather than asking
> him to resend it from git-send-email, I am just sending. I hope no-one
> is offended (much).

I think that's great! Collaboration is what this is all about.

> I'm thinking that the patch I sent out last night to only dump message
> ids could be reworked to use the framework of this patch.  I also
> think it would be reasonably simple to add an --output=mbox option,
> for archiving and so on.

I think that selecting *what* to emit is orthogonal from selecting *how*
to format that output. See some ideas in the TODO file, (where I
proposed --for and --format options for these). Having a way to do mbox
output for export would indeed be very nice.


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