On Mon, 11 Jan 2010 00:29:05 +0100 (CET), ra...@free.fr wrote:
> I just updated notmuch and now notmuch new cannot update my mail anymore... 
> It tells me that there are
> 700 files found, but tells that there's no new mail.

Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for testing the new notmuch. I appreciate that. And I'm sorry to
hear that you're weren't pleasantly rewarded for your efforts. I tried
as well as I could to avoid bugs slipping through, but I also knew I
couldn't test for everything.

> I did a git bisect, which tells me the first bad commit is commit
> 2e96464f9705be4ec772280cad71a6c9d5831e6f.

Can you tell me what you were bisecting? Were you attempting the
database upgrade over again each time? Or just testing whether you could
update a post-upgraded database each time?

That commit looks remarkably benign. It doesn't really change anything
about how the database is interpreted or upgraded, (but merely adds a
list to defer the printing of a few filenames). Could you perform a test
to confirm the results of bisection---such as manually applying and
reverting this patch to the immediately preceding version and check
whether the behavior changes?

> I did not try to use the new xapian database or to update xapian;
> maybe this is the problem.

It shouldn't be. The new notmuch is intended to work just fin with an
old Xapian. And I *think* that I tested that at least a few times.

> I will try to investigate a bit more.

Thanks. I'll look forward to any further information you can provide.

And if it would be practical for you to share your email database with
me (privately, of course) so that I can investigate, I would be glad to
do that. Obviously, I'll understand if that's not possible. Just contact
me off-list if you'd like to arrange something like that.


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