On 07:56, Sun 21 Feb 10, martin f krafft wrote:
> also sprach Ruben Pollan <mes...@sindominio.net> [2010.02.19.2112 +0100]:
> > > 1. will there be a usable  ncurses or mutt version that supports
> > > notmuch anytime soon?
> > 
> > I started to work on that I while ago. I didn't hack on it for
> > a while, but I hope I'll return to it soon. Anyway to create
> > a proper good client is a lot of work, I don't think I'll be able
> > to make something usable in months (if I ever make it).
> How would mutt support notmuch? Could you elaborate on the way you
> plan to integrate them?

Ups. I see I explained it wrong. I started to create a ncurses client. I
didn't think about mutt.

I'm not sure if notmuch can be well integrated on mutt. They have kind of
different approach. Maybe the best way to integrate it is the notmuch-fuse that
someone propose a while ago in this list.

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