Carl, a couple of patches that I'd like you to consider. They are the
first two on the `dme' branch of git://
> notmuch-show: Add unix and pretty dates to the JSON output
> Include a 'date_unix' and 'date_pretty' field in the JSON output for
> each message. 'date_pretty' can be used by a UI implementation,
> whereas 'date_unix' is useful when scripting.
> notmuch: Add a 'part' subcommand
> A new 'part' subcommand allows the user to extract a single part from a
> MIME message. Usage:
>   notmuch part --part=<n> <search terms>
> The search terms should match only a single message
> (e.g. The part number specified refers to the part
> identifiers output by `notmuch show'. The content of the part is written
> the stdout with no formatting or identification marks. It is not JSON
> formatted.

The second of these (part) has been the topic of some
discussion. There's a suggestion that a 'cat' subcommand or
'--format=raw' option to the 'show' subcommand would be better. I'm not
particular preference - I just wanted the functionality to use in the
Emacs UI.

(URLs included as the github frontend is quite nice for perusing the

David Edmondson,
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