On 4/12/10 10:18 PM, Mikhail Gusarov wrote:

Twas brillig at 15:58:10 12.04.2010 UTC+02 when t...@dbservice.com did gyre and 

  TC>  In 4fd9ea0 (guess From address from Received headers, 2010-04-06) you 
  TC>  strcasestr, which is not portable, see 82e47ec (notmuch reply: Use strstr
  TC>  instead of strcasestr for portability., 2010-02-04).

  TC>  Is strcasestr really necessary there or can it be replaced with strstr?

strcasecmp is POSIX.1-2001.

Indeed it is, but the code uses strcasestr and I couldn't find any indication which standard that function is part of.

Adding that function to compat/ probably is the way to go, but the whole compat mechanism doesn't work here. It's like if compat/Makefile.local was not included in the top-level makefile, notmuch_compat_srcs is empty there. Any ideas how to debug that?


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