Hey, folks.  I just pushed a couple of patches to my "crypto" branch [0]
that add support for auto-tagging of multipart/signed and
multipart/encrypted messages with the "signed" and "encrypted" tags
respectively.  Only new messages are thus tagged, so a database rebuild
is required to auto-tag old messages.

To be clear, after the previous discussion, these tags indicate nothing
about the validity of signatures or the decryptability of encrypted
messages.  They only indicate that a message contains a signed or
encrypted part according to the self-declared mime type.

This certainly makes it easier to find crypto messages, and it should
allow people to highlight signed or encrypted messages in the search
output using the "notmuch-search-lines-faces" customization variable


[0] git://finestructure.net/notmuch
[1] The notmuch-search-lines-faces variable needs to be rewritten to
allow for full face customization support, but it also needs to continue
to specify a tag/face mapping.  Any elisp experts out there have any
good suggestions how to fix this?

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