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> Wow. This reads really complicated. All I want to say is:
> if I change tags in my search-results view, I get Xapian errors :)

Yes, that's frustrating. I wish that we had a more reliable interface at
the notmuch library level. But I'm not entirely sure what would be the
best way to do this.

> The question: How do you solve this in the emacs code?
> do you store all tids of a query? 

The emacs code does not use the notmuch library interface like your
python bindings do. Instead, it uses the notmuch command-line tool, (and
buffers up the text output by it). The support for asynchronous
operations in the emacs interface means that it's likely possible
someone could run into a similar problem:

        1. Start a search returning a *lot* of results

        2. When the first results come in, make some tag changes

        3. See if the original search aborts

I may have even had this happen to me before, but if I did I've never
actually noticed it. I don't know what a good answer might be for this



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