On Fri, 07 Oct 2011 09:38:00 +0200, Thomas Schwinge <tho...@schwinge.name> 
> Now, what happens on redisplay is that (apparently) all the current state
> is lost: the point jumps back to its original position (the beginning of
> the buffer, for example), messages/parts view toggles are reset, etc.  I
> guess that is just how the refresh function works -- but is it really
> what we want, and how difficult would it be to preserve that state?

Hi, Thomas.  I agree it would be nice to jump back to the same state in
the thread view that you were at previously.  There's not currently any
good way to do that, though, I don't think.  We would have to be
writing/saving a lot more of the current buffer state.  Suggestions and
patches are of course welcome.


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