I have objections against maildir too, but I tried to tackle it from
different perspective. Store the maildir in zip file and use fuse-zip to
manage it. It works sort of but it has two major disadvantages:

 - fuse zip stores all changes in memory until unmounted
 - fuse zip (and libzip for that matter) creates new temporary file when
   updating archive, which takes considerable time when the archive is
   very big.

Looking at the zip file format, it could be made so that all
modifications would result only in appending new data to it (deleting is
writing new directory index not containing the deleted file).

I even made proof of concept libzip modification.

Of course this solution would have some disadvantages too, but for me
the advantages would win. At the moment I'm not sure if I want to
continue working on that. Maybe if there would be more interested guys

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