David Mazieres <dm-list-email-notm...@scs.stanford.edu> writes:
> What happens if you get a message that's been stuck in a queue for a few
> days and has an old Date: header?

It would be missed.  I have set the timespan to look backwards for new
mail to one month to be a bit safer against the stuck-in-queue cases,
but mails with older Date: headers would definitely get missed.

The current output of notmuch count "*" is the same on both the client
and the server, so it seems I didn't run into this problem yet (maybe I
was just lucky).

> Or if you get new messages that have
> the same Message-ID as old ones?

Is that even possible?  I thought that notmuch guarantees the uniqueness
of indexed message ids.  The only reference I could find without trying
to read the code was this thread id:87mwyz3s9d....@star.eba from 2012,
which supports the assumption.

>> Synchronization of the notmuch tags database is only necessary when I
>> switch between different client computers, which happens less
>> frequently.
> Do you use a laptop everywhere?  I've found that for switching between
> my desktop machine at home, my laptop on the train, and my desktop at
> work (which amounts to five switches a day), the notmuch dump time is
> painfully slow--like well over 10 seconds for 100,000 messages.  Hook
> that into notmuch-poll and you have a recipe for hanging emacs every
> time you type "G".

I have one laptop and one desktop and switch between them almost daily,
and run a hibernate script that does notmuch dump + git push, and a
resume script that does git pull + notmuch restore.  For hibernate /
resume the speed of those operations is acceptable, but I wouldn't want
to incur that wait for every time checking for new mail.

Here is how long they take (on a machine with an SSD, which certainly

$ time notmuch dump --format=batch-tag | sort > /tmp/notmuch.dump
real    0m3.643s
user    0m3.593s
sys     0m0.140s
$ time notmuch restore < /tmp/notmuch.dump
real    0m3.719s
user    0m3.357s
sys     0m0.357s
$ notmuch count 


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