Hey, folks.  I was wondering if there was an update on getting support
for mail deleting and moving/renaming into notmuch.  I wanted to try to
push on it a little bit since I believe that support for deleting/moving
messages is the most important outstanding issue at the moment.

I finally got around to really trying notmuch (xmas present to myself)
and I'm finding the inability to delete/move messages quite problematic.
Currently, my inbox consists of a local maildir that is sync'd to a
remote IMAP mailbox via offlineimap.  As I go through my inbox I either
move mail to an archive, or delete unwanted messages.  A system like
this obviously requires that my MUA supports moving and deleting
messages.  I know a lot of people have similar setups, and in fact some
have brought it up on this list.  Probably the main issues here is that
remote IMAP stores generally do not have unlimited space, and a lot of
people use remote IMAP stores.  Even for those that can just pull all
their mail directly, local mail stores are generally not unlimited
either, and the ability to completely purge messages is still important.

It seems to me (without really knowing what's involved) that for notmuch
the main issue is really handling deleted messages.  Notmuch handles new
mail fine (obviously) and moved/renamed messages are really just
messages that are deleted while an identical but differently named new
message shows up somewhere else, right?  Would someone who understands
what's going on under the hood be up for giving a brief explanation
about what the issues involved are?

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