So Keith tells me he's entirely unimpressed with my website-design
skills as evidenced by .

In an effort to fix this, I've switched from the single, static HTML
page that was there previously, to now using ikiwiki to generate a
remarkably similar-looking, single, static web page.

The benefit is that there's now a git repository for the website, (with
source in markdown format), and more importantly, the git repository
will accept a "git push" without any authentication necessary.

So now anyone that would like to improve the website can do so. Just git
clone as follows:

        git clone git://

make your improvements, "git commit -a", and then "git push".

If anyone would like to make changes to the ikiwiki templates or the
configuration, (such as enabling plugins, etc.), I've got a separate
repository with those files that I can advertise. That repository does
not allow for anonymous pushes for sake of security.

I'd be glad for anyone to add relevant content to our website, and to do
any interesting design improvements.

Anyone want to start thinking about a logo design idea... ?

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