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> > Like this?
> No, more like this:

To my knowledge, neither of these two give you diffs. This is what
a post-receive hook offers.

It's trivial to do with Git. Assuming a recent Git-on-Debian, it's
just (assuming you are in the bare repository)

  test -d refs || echo not in repo
  sed -e 's,^#\.,,' hooks/post-receive.sample > hooks/post-receive
  chmod 755 !$
  git config hooks.mailinglist notmuch at

One might also have to send hooks.envelopesender and
hooks.emailprefix (without trailing space) could be nice.

PS: speaking of prefixes, how about remving the subject prefix of
this list in general? ;)

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 for everyone in good society
 holds exactly the same opinion."
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