On Friday 05 of February 2010 19:59:12 Carl Worth wrote:
> Of course, I also pushed a set of tests to the test suite for this, (and
> some new "notmuch search" tests while I was at it).

Hi Carl,

I've just looked at your notmuch-test commits. Did you noticed my patches 
which port Git's test framework for use with notmuch? That framework has the 
same spirit as yours (shell scripting, easy to use) but compared to your 
current test script it has some nice features:

- Test suite is split into several files. Therefore you do not need to run the 
whole test suit when you are working in one area of notmuch.
- If some test fails, the executed commands are automatically displayed from 
which you can immediately see what was the problem.
- Working directory for each test has a fixed name based on the name of the 
script (no $$) so you know where to look if some test fails.
- You can decide whether you want to stop on the first failure or complete the 
whole test suite.
- At the end the results are summarized so you do not need to watch the output 
of the test suite.

It is straightforward to convert your current test script to Git's framework. 
If you are interested I'll do it.


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