On Wed, 10 Feb 2010 12:20:00 -0800, Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> wrote:
> Here are some ideas for possible (and independent) fixes:
> ....
> 3. We could move away from these various mm- functions for displaying
>    MIME parts and simply add functionality to the notmuch command line
>    for extracting individual MIME parts from messages, (which is
>    something that a non-emacs client will likely want anyway). Then we
>    can use the lower-level functions to display things directly. (For
>    example, displaying an image looks as simple as calling the
>    create-image and put-image functions).

I really think that this (#3) is the way to go, going forward. First, it
frees us up from the various slownesses and eccentricities of the mm-
modes. Second, and more importantly, it makes it a *lot* easier for
other clients to play, for the remote use of the existing emacs client,
and for scripted command-line usage (e.g. put all the attached vcards in
your maildir into a directory).

I've been playing around with this a bit, for my own purposes,
already. Unfortunately, my autodidact's c code is probably all sorts of
wrong, and I wouldn't want to subject anyone to it. But it does seem
like the way to go, and I'd be very happy to help out with any testing,
if anyone goes forwad with this.


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