On Wed, 10 Feb 2010 12:54:52 -0800, Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> wrote:
> PS. I know that attaching the output of "git format-patch" to a message
> like this isn't the "git way". (That is, you won't get the right result
> by simply piping this message to "git am".) But I really wish it
> were. It seems I often write code in response to an email message and I
> often want to reply to that *message* and incidentally provide a
> patch. The git way, with the commit message in the subject and the first
> part of the body seems backwards to me, (as far as the conversation is
> concerned).

Hi Carl,

this is what scissors line was designed for. At least according to
git-mailinfo(1). "git am -c" should take it into account as well.

I wanted to test this with my previous patch I sent this way, but I get
fatal: corrupt patch at line 27. So I do not know whether it really works.

> PPS. If I did want to construct this message in the "git way", but
> without using git-send-mail, I know how to construct the subject line
> and how to put explanatory text like this below the separator. But what
> am I supposed to do with the commit identifier that appears in an mbox
> "From" line in the format-patch output? I assume this is required for
> "git am -3" to work, but where can I put it in an email message?

I'm not sure whether From line is used for 3 way merge. It seems that
mails produced by git send-email do not contain it. I think that the
index lines just after diff --git could be sufficient for 3 way merge.
Is it correct?


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