>  notmuch_client_modules = $(notmuch_client_srcs:.c=.o)
> -notmuch: $(notmuch_client_modules) lib/notmuch.a
> -     $(call quiet,CXX,$(LDFLAGS)) $^ $(FINAL_LDFLAGS) -o $@
> +notmuch: $(notmuch_client_modules) lib/libnotmuch.so
> +     $(call quiet,CC,$(LDFLAGS)) -lnotmuch $(filter-out 
> lib/libnotmuch.so,$^) $(FINAL_LDFLAGS) -o $@

I just tried out this patch to compile notmuch as a shared library and
while producing lib/libnotmuch.so.1 it fails to find notmuch later:

CC      notmuch
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lnotmuch

Aso it creates libnotmuch.so.1 in lib but seems to try symlinking it in
the "compat" dir which fails and produces a dead symlink.

CXX     lib/libnotmuch.so.1
ln -sf compat/libnotmuch.so.1 compat/libnotmuch.so

Is more needed than this patch? Also, *I* think it would be nice to
support --static or --shared as options to --configure. But that is a
minor thing, probably.


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