Carl Worth <cworth at> wrote:
> On Sat, 05 Dec 2009 12:22:05 -0200, Fernando Carrijo <fcarrijo at 
>> wrote:
> > Commit cd467caf renamed notmuch_query_search to 
> > notmuch_query_search_messages.                                              
> >   
> > Commit 1ba3d46f created notmuch_query_search_threads. We better keep the 
> > docs                                                 
> > of notmuch_query_create consistent with those changes.                      
> >                                                   
> Thanks!
> I had trouble applying the patch, (perhaps you performed a copy/paste
> operation into your email program that added a bunch of trailing
> whitespace?).

Sorry for that. At the time I sent the patch I was using, for the lack
of a better euphemism, a memory unconscious  mail client which used to
get me distracted from those caracter conversion issues whenever I saw
some other applications being shot by the OOM killer. Seriously.

I won't let it happen again.

> But I fixed that and while at it, edited the comment so
> that the full name of each referenced function appears. (The idea being
> that I want grep to find these occurrences if they need to be updated
> again in the future).

Yes, it makes sense.

> -Carl

Thank you.

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