From: Aneesh Kumar K.V <>

This patch helps in customizing search result display
similar to mutt's index_format. The customization is done
by defining an alist as below

(setq notmuch-search-result-format '(("date" . "%s ")
                                     ("authors" . "%-40s ")
                                     ("subject" . "%s ")))

The supported keywords are date, count, authors, subject.

Signed-off-by: Aneesh Kumar K.V <aneesh.kumar at>
 emacs/notmuch.el |   55 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----------------
 1 files changed, 38 insertions(+), 17 deletions(-)

diff --git a/emacs/notmuch.el b/emacs/notmuch.el
index 5b553bb..cc5167f 100644
--- a/emacs/notmuch.el
+++ b/emacs/notmuch.el
@@ -157,6 +157,18 @@ remaining lines into a button.")
 (defvar notmuch-show-body-read-visible nil)
 (defvar notmuch-show-citations-visible nil)
 (defvar notmuch-show-signatures-visible nil)
+(defcustom notmuch-search-result-format
+  '(("date" . "%s")
+    ("count" . "%-7s")
+    ("authors" . "%-40s")
+    ("subject" . "%s"))
+  "Search result formating. Supported fields are
+       date, count, authors, subject
+ex: (setq notmuch-search-result-format \(\(\"authors\" . \"%-40s\"\)
+                                       \(\"subject\" . \"%s\"\)\)\)"
+:type '(alist :key-type (string) :value-type (string))
+:group 'notmuch)
 (defvar notmuch-show-headers-visible nil)

 ; XXX: This should be a generic function in emacs somewhere, not here
@@ -1314,11 +1326,6 @@ matching this search term are shown if non-nil. "
   "Notmuch search mode face used to highligh tags."
   :group 'notmuch)

-(defvar notmuch-tag-face-alist nil
-  "List containing the tag list that need to be highlighed")
-(defvar notmuch-search-font-lock-keywords  nil)
 (defun notmuch-search-mode ()
   "Major mode displaying results of a notmuch search.
@@ -1356,17 +1363,7 @@ Complete list of currently available key bindings:
   (setq truncate-lines t)
   (setq major-mode 'notmuch-search-mode
        mode-name "notmuch-search")
-  (setq buffer-read-only t)
-  (if (not notmuch-tag-face-alist)
-      (add-to-list 'notmuch-search-font-lock-keywords (list
-               "(\\([^)]*\\))$" '(1  'notmuch-tag-face)))
-    (let ((notmuch-search-tags (mapcar 'car notmuch-tag-face-alist)))
-      (loop for notmuch-search-tag  in notmuch-search-tags
-           do (add-to-list 'notmuch-search-font-lock-keywords (list
-                       (concat "([^)]*\\(" notmuch-search-tag "\\)[^)]*)$")
-                       `(1  ,(cdr (assoc notmuch-search-tag 
-  (set (make-local-variable 'font-lock-defaults)
-         '(notmuch-search-font-lock-keywords t)))
+  (setq buffer-read-only t))

 (defun notmuch-search-find-thread-id ()
   "Return the thread for the current thread"
@@ -1487,6 +1484,30 @@ This function advances the next thread when finished."
              (if never-found-target-thread
                  (goto-char notmuch-search-target-position)))))))

+(defun insert-tags (tags)
+  (insert (concat "(" (propertize tags
+        'font-lock-face 'notmuch-tag-face) ")")))
+(defun insert-field (field date count authors subject tags)
+(if (string-equal field "date")
+    (insert (format (cdr (assoc field notmuch-search-result-format)) date))
+  (if (string-equal field "count")
+    (insert (format (cdr (assoc field notmuch-search-result-format)) count))
+  (if (string-equal field "authors")
+    (insert (format (cdr (assoc field notmuch-search-result-format)) authors))
+  (if (string-equal field "subject")
+      (insert (format (cdr (assoc field notmuch-search-result-format)) 
+  (if (string-equal field "tags")
+      (insert-tags (format "%s" tags)))
+(defun notmuch-search-show-result (date count authors subject tags)
+(let ((fields) (field))
+  (setq fields (mapcar 'car notmuch-search-result-format))
+  (loop for field in  fields
+       do (insert-field field date count authors subject tags)))
+(insert "\n"))
 (defun notmuch-search-process-filter (proc string)
   "Process and filter the output of \"notmuch search\""
   (let ((buffer (process-buffer proc))
@@ -1510,7 +1531,7 @@ This function advances the next thread when finished."
                          (set 'authors (concat (substring authors 0 (- 40 3)) 
                      (goto-char (point-max))
                      (let ((beg (point-marker)))
-                       (insert (format "%s %-7s %-40s %s (%s)\n" date count 
authors subject tags))
+                       (notmuch-search-show-result date count authors subject 
                        (put-text-property beg (point-marker) 
'notmuch-search-thread-id thread-id)
                        (put-text-property beg (point-marker) 
'notmuch-search-authors authors)
                        (put-text-property beg (point-marker) 
'notmuch-search-subject subject)

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