On Mon, 28 Feb 2011 08:52:45 -0500, Ross Glover <ross at ross.mayfirst.org> 
> I too am now running the crypto branch and find it quite amazing.  The
> one feature I would like added, though, is some face color or
> auto-tagging in the search buffer for mail with encrypted mime parts.
> It seems like this could be achieved with notmuch effort (by someone
> notme) by adding similar functionality to that of attachments in
> index.cc.

Yes, this is a good idea, Ross, and one that I've actually been wanting
to implement.  I was thinking of auto-tagging messages with signed parts
with something like "signed", and encrypted messages with "encrypted".
Do people like those tags, or would they prefer to see something
different?  Or more specific, like "pgp-signed"?

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