On Wed, 25 May 2011 15:21:06 +0200, Thomas Jost <schnouki at schnouki.net> 
> Thanks, IMHO that's better than my previous solution. And it makes my
> .emacs smaller, woohoo! :)

Thanks for the review.

> One little issue though: you did not update notmuch-show-mode-map in
> notmuch-show.el. I'll reply with a patch that fixes that (or you can
> just integrate it in your commit when pushing it).

Good catch.

> I'll also send a few additional patches that make it possible to choose
> the "From" address when forwarding a message and when replying to a
> message.

The only real concern I have with the series is that it grabs 'R' for
reply-with-custom-from where I've been planning to implement 'R' as
reply-to-sender-only, (a long-missing and often-requested feature).

When I first started implementing the custom-from feature I planned to
use a prefix argument to get the behavior (such as "C-u m" rather than
"M" for compose-new-mail-with-custom-from). You might even see I've got
some code written along those lines.

When I went to test it though, it didn't work. That was probably some
silly mistake on my part, (we do already have working code that changes
behavior with a prefix argument in the case of "M-RET" for example).

If you want to update the series to move away from capital-letter
keybindings in favor of a prefix argument, I'll be glad to accept it.

Otherwise, I might get around to doing that myself at some point.

Thanks again,


carl.d.worth at intel.com
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