On Thu, 26 May 2011 10:39:58 +0200, Thomas Jost <schnouki at schnouki.net> 
> > When I first started implementing the custom-from feature I planned to
> > use a prefix argument to get the behavior (such as "C-u m" rather than
> > "M" for compose-new-mail-with-custom-from). You might even see I've got
> > some code written along those lines.
> Good idea, this will probably seem more natural for Emacs users.

The reason I really want to see this feature is because I always forget
to change my from address depending on the context of my email.  Given
that's my issue, I will also always forget to use a different command to
compose/reply.  In other words, I think the real way to enable this
feature should be via a customization variable.  Either that, or I'll
just modify my custom keybindings to always prompt when I just press the
regular compose/reply keys.

Thanks for work on this feature, Thomas.

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