Rebased the "set test prereqs (Emacs, GDB, GPG)" [1] patch series
to Jameson's release-candidate/0.6 branch (0c0b4172).

The GDB dependency for the atomicity tests was dropped since
Austin has already included this in his amdragon/atomic-new-v4
branch [2], which has been included in release-candidate/0.6.

Also, some crypto tests which depend not only on GPG but Emacs as
well have been updated accordingly.

Jameson, could this be merged in? It helps prevent false
negatives in the absence of Emacs/GnuPG/GDB.

[1] id:"1305274636-19975-1-git-send-email-pieter at"
[2] id:"BANLkTikEhvhroyJNRN9RLwBNz_DbOLfzBQ at"

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