This looks good to me, and should be merged sooner rather than later
because it touches a lot of lines.

If atomic-new-v4 doesn't happen to get merged before this, then
id:"1305206080-17461-1-git-send-email-amdragon at" and
id:"1305206110-17511-1-git-send-email-amdragon at" should get
merged, since they fix test-lib problems with dependencies (they're
included in the atomic-new-v4 branch because that uses dependencies,
but aren't related to atomicity).

Quoth Pieter Praet on Jun 02 at  2:03 pm:
> Rebased the "set test prereqs (Emacs, GDB, GPG)" [1] patch series
> to Jameson's release-candidate/0.6 branch (0c0b4172).
> The GDB dependency for the atomicity tests was dropped since
> Austin has already included this in his amdragon/atomic-new-v4
> branch [2], which has been included in release-candidate/0.6.
> Also, some crypto tests which depend not only on GPG but Emacs as
> well have been updated accordingly.
> Jameson, could this be merged in? It helps prevent false
> negatives in the absence of Emacs/GnuPG/GDB.
> [1] id:"1305274636-19975-1-git-send-email-pieter at"
> [2] id:"BANLkTikEhvhroyJNRN9RLwBNz_DbOLfzBQ at"

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