Jani Nikula <jani at nikula.org> writes:

> On Fri, 02 May 2014, dm-list-email-notmuch at scs.stanford.edu wrote:
>> I'm using a pretty standard maildir++ layout.  For example, underneath
>> my database.path I have a bunch of mail in directories such as:
>>     .INBOX.Main/{new,cur}
>>     .mail.class/{new,cur}
>>     .mail.voicemail/{new,cur}
>> ...
> Here's additional commentary on the specific queries.
>>         linux7$ ./notmuch count folder:mail
>>         0
>>         linux8$ ./notmuch count folder:.mail
>>         0

Oh, man.  That's a serious bummer.

Is there any mechanism left that would let me hierarchically group
messages?  I've got a ton of mail.* folders, and create new ones
dynamically.  I really want a mechanism to group them hierarchically, so
I can have a search that matches all current and future mail
directories.  I organized my whole mail setup around folders because a)
tags do not provide this kind of hierarchical control, and b) there
doesn't seem to be a convenient way to apply tags 100% reliably on
message delivery, whereas I *can* control the folder 100% reliably.

Worse, because of my poor performance, I was hoping to segregate
messages by year.  So it would be:


All the way back.  Now you are saying there will be no convenient way to
match just the "mail.class" part without the year?  How very
distressing.  Ugh.


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