Gaute Hope <eg at> writes:

> When one of the source files for a message is changed on disk, renamed,
> deleted or a new source file is added. A configurable changed tag is
> is added. The tag can be configured under the option 'changed_tags' in
> the [new] section, the default is none. Tests have been updated to
> accept the new config option.
> notmuch-setup now asks for a changed tag after the new tags question.
> This could be useful for for example 'afew' to detect remote changes in
> IMAP folders and update the FolderNameFilter to also add tags or remove
> tags when a _existing_ message has been added to or removed from a
> maildir.

The discussion on this proposal seems to have died out without reaching
a conclusion. David M expressed a strong preference for some kind of
modification time field in the database.  Gaute agreed with some caveats
that such an approach could solve his problems as well. On the other
hand, nobody seems to be actually working on such an approach at the
moment.  Gaute and or David do you have any interest in revisiting the
series id:1323796305-28789-1-git-send-email-schnouki at and
seeing if it can be reworked into mergeable shape? I suspect in
particular something needs to be added with respect to message deletion
Thomas, are you still running some variant of these patches?


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