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That makes sense -- we'd also want to encourage projects to note their
project name someplace central; having a namespace registry helps to
avoid collisions, and also helps to advertise the projects that derive
from notmuch :)

maybe update the wiki for that?

The wiki would serve to advertise each projects interests, and if some other project has a common interest, they could get together to standardize it in the interest of both projects?

Maybe that
happens only when the feature gets added to libnotmuch itself?

IMHO, libnotmuch should stay focused on the core: indexing and tagging, avoid becoming bloated by staying minimal, doing one thing well. Else, it would not deserve the "notmuch" name anymore!

However, maybe this could be in some extras, maybe a separate notmuch-extensions library.

How do
we incentivize projects into getting that kind of widely-useful feature
into the libnotmuch mainstream instead of having it as a differentiating
factor for their specific MUA?

how should we think about managing these parts of the ecosystem?

I'm too new to libnotmuch to answer, maybe other people have an opinion?

I'm writing a MUA, and am using properties to store an excerpt of each
message, so the MUA can show a preview of each message (like the Gmail
web app, or Apple mail client).

cool, this sounds super useful.  if you have a chance to write up how
you're generating/selecting this extract, i'd love to read more.

For messages with a plain text part, I'm taking the first 100 chars. If there's no plain text part but an HTML part, I'm using some random html2text library (https://github.com/Alir3z4/html2text) and take the first 100 chars.

I took the documentation from notmuch.h but only edited to be consistent
with Python. Those warnings should also be added in notmuch.h, right?

Yeah, that's probably a good idea.  Is it asking too much to ask you to
update notmuch.h as well when you resubmit this series?

Here's what we could add:

As a general rule, an application MUST prefix their own property names with "x-<project>-". It is recommended to report an application's properties on the notmuch wiki, to open collaboration with other projects having common use cases, ultimately opening to standardization outside a project's namespace.
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