Hello everyone.

I'd like to suggest that the list of tags to applied to deleted drafts,
in notmuch-emacs, is made user configurable. To be more precise, with
notmuch-emacs version 0.34.1, under line 105 we have

(defun notmuch-draft--mark-deleted ()
  "Tag the last saved draft deleted.

Used when a new version is saved, or the message is sent."
  (when notmuch-draft-id
    (notmuch-tag notmuch-draft-id '("+deleted"))))

where the +deleted tag is hard coded. I, and I suppose a lot of other
users, use different tags for deleted emails. Currently I just override
notmuch-draft--mark-deleted, but it seems like it would be just a matter
of adding a defcustom akin to notmuch-draft-tags, though I'm not sure if
notmuch-draft.el would be the most appropriate location, or if it could
be reused in other scenarios.

João Pedro de Amorim Paula
Computer Science undergraduate at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte 
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