João Pedro <> writes:

> Hello everyone.
> I'd like to suggest that the list of tags to applied to deleted drafts,
> in notmuch-emacs, is made user configurable. To be more precise, with
> notmuch-emacs version 0.34.1, under line 105 we have
> (defun notmuch-draft--mark-deleted ()
>   "Tag the last saved draft deleted.
> Used when a new version is saved, or the message is sent."
>   (when notmuch-draft-id
>     (notmuch-tag notmuch-draft-id '("+deleted"))))
> where the +deleted tag is hard coded. I, and I suppose a lot of other
> users, use different tags for deleted emails. Currently I just override
> notmuch-draft--mark-deleted, but it seems like it would be just a matter
> of adding a defcustom akin to notmuch-draft-tags, though I'm not sure if
> notmuch-draft.el would be the most appropriate location, or if it could
> be reused in other scenarios.

Sounds plausible. "deleted" is also hardcoded in
notmuch-tag.el. notmuch-lib.el might be a reasonable place for the
defcustom. There is already a defcustom there for notmuch-archive-tags.
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