Hello David,

On Thu 20 Feb 2020 at 08:22AM -04, David Bremner wrote:

> Sean Whitton <spwhit...@spwhitton.name> writes:
>> I have this in my post-new hook:
>>     notmuch tag -unread -- folder:sent
>> The idea is that copies of my sent mail which get returned to me and
>> stored in my inbox, e.g. by mailing lists, would get maildir Seen tags
>> added to them.  But that does not happen.
> I guess this is most likely a bug. It would be nice to have a test in
> T340-maildir-sync.sh that duplicated it. I suspect the problem is
> related to messages in the new/ subdirectory. Some non-notmuch clients
> (prominently mutt) interpret being in new/ has having user-visible
> semantics, so notmuch tries not to move files out of there
> unnecessarily, On the other hand the maildir spec says that files in
> new/ cannot have flags, so they cannot have their unread tag removed
> without moving the file to cur/

I am seeing this bug, or a closely related one, a whole lot right now.
Messages are coming back as unread over and over again.  I recently made
some changes to my notmuch cronjobs, so that probably has something to
do with it, but I have no guesses as to what the problem is.

As a first thing to try, I am going to add something to my pre-new hook
to perform the new/ -> cur/ move as specified by maildir(5) on all my
synced maildirs, so that notmuch never sees messages in new/ except when
it writes new drafts and sent mail there (and they'll get moved on the
next sync).

I'll drop the 'notmuch tag -unread -- folder:sent' workaround at the
same time to see what happens.

Sean Whitton
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