On Mon 2022-04-11 10:44:47 +0200, Michael J Gruber wrote:
> Just so that others don't have to be wondering, too: notmuch does not embed
> gmime sources and does not reuse them. (It would be very wrong to do so.)
> notmuch has a file `_check_gmime_cert.c` which is used for configure checks
> and which David cleverly amended to check for the return format of
> signature checks (when compiled against the libgmime3).

Yep, this is what i meant.

> If I read 2/2 correctly, though, then T355-smime does not adjust its
> expected textual outcome to the results of the check, but rather marks the
> test "known broken" if the signature check does not return the "new"
> format. In other words: Unless you have a very new unpatched gmime,
> T355-sime does not "really" do this subtest any more - it is happy as soon
> as it fails for any reason.

Exactly right.  Thanks for taking the time to explain it all in clearer
English than my rushed shorthand, Michael.


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